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Player Stats

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NameG# of Games
# of Games
TSVFTotal Serves Faced
Opposing server's Total Serves (Serves Made + Double Faults)
Serve receives where the receiving team has 1 or 0 touches, resulting in a point for the serving team
AD%Aced %
Aced / Total Serves Faced
WRWeak Receives
A poor receive that forced a difficult set to be playable
WR%Weak Receive %
Weak Receives / Total Serves Faced
NTADNo-Touch Aced
Serve receives that are not touched by the receiver (from successful serves)
NTAD%No-Touch Aced %
No-Touch Aced / Total Aced
1TAD1-Touch Aced
Serve receives that are not touched by the setter (from successful serves)
1TAD%1-Touched Aced %
1-Touch Aced / Total Serves Faced
1Barak Levy11150.4500.0040.8010.20
2Sam Bunze 11150.4510.0920.4030.60
3Trevor Clements1520.4000.0021.0000.00
4Caleb Jarrett21970.3710.0530.4340.57
5Daniel Lindeen21650.3120.1251.0000.00
6Nate Kolk11030.3010.1010.3320.67
7Allen Iwamoto22060.3010.0520.3340.67
8Connor Francis32980.2800.0040.5040.50
9Eric Kaiser659160.2730.0580.5080.50
10Brendan Ferreira769180.2650.07110.6170.39
11Blake Bosak32770.2630.1120.2950.71
12Warren Foote22050.2510.0510.2040.80
13Cole Model1097240.2560.06160.6780.33
14Kenny Ortega22150.2400.0051.0000.00
15Vanya Melnykovych880190.2470.09130.6860.32
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