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Player Stats

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NameG# of Games
# of Games
TSTTotal Sets
Strong Sets + Weak Sets + Normal Sets + Missed Sets + Setting Errors
STPMSetting Plus Minus
((Strong Sets - Weak Sets - Setting Errors) * Partner Put Away %)/Total Games; But if weak sets > strong sets, then: ((Strong Sets - Weak Sets - Setting Errors) * (1 - Partner Put Away %))/Total Games
SSTStrong Sets
An amazing set that salvaged a point a team was not expected to keep alive
SST%Strong Set %
Strong Sets / Total Sets
WSTWeak Sets
A poor set that missed the net or forced a bad hit
WST%Weak Set %
Weak Sets / Total Sets
NSTNormal Sets
A set that did not receive a strong or weak designation
NST%Normal Set %
Normal Sets / Total Sets
MSTNEMissed Sets (Non Errors)
Missed sets that are not setting errors
MSTNE%Missed Set (Non Errors) %
Missed Sets (non errors) / Total Sets
STESetting Errors
A set causing a direct loss of point (i.e. set is carried)
STE%Setting Error %
Setting Errors / Total Sets
1Shannon Tubbesing230-1.2000.0040.13260.8700.0000.00
2Kenya Medina344-0.9500.0050.11320.7370.1600.00
3Brandon Lindvall221-0.8000.0020.10180.8610.0500.00
4Shaun Boyer331-0.1130.1030.10240.7700.0010.03
5Jeremiah Porter222-0.7510.0540.18170.7700.0000.00
6AJ Hutchinson422-0.3030.1440.18120.5520.0910.05
7Julia Brochu224-0.8700.0050.21170.7120.0800.00
8Alli Jennerich224-0.8710.0440.17170.7110.0410.04
9Daniel Lindeen220-0.9500.0040.20150.7500.0010.05
10Krista Shrock226-0.7010.0430.12220.8500.0000.00
11Connor Francis325-0.6300.0030.12220.8800.0000.00
12Mey Helm347-0.8200.0030.06380.8150.1110.02
13Jordan Caradonna232-0.2510.0330.09270.8410.0300.00
14Alli Rogers667-0.7500.0050.07570.8530.0420.03
15Sam Bunze 150.6010.2000.0040.8000.0000.00
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