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Team Stats

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NamePlayersG# of Games
# of Games
THTotal Hits
Strong Hits + Weak Hits + Normal Hits + Missed Hits + Hitting Errors
PAPut Aways
Hits that are not returned by the defense (1 or 0 touches by the defending team)
PA%Put Away %
Put Aways / Total Hits
SHStrong Hits
An amazing hit that won a point a team was not expected to win
SH%Strong Hit %
Strong Hits / Total Hits
WHWeak Hits
A poor hit that was easily returned by the defense
WH%Weak Hit %
Weak Hits / Total Hits
NHNormal Hit
A hit that did not receive a strong or weak designation
NH%Normal Hit %
Normal Hits / Total Hits
MHMissed Hit Non Error
MH%Missed Hit Non Error %
Missed Hits / Total Hits
HEHitting Errors
A hit causing a direct loss of point (i.e. hits rim or double bounce on net)
HE%Hitting Error %
Hitting Errors / Total Hits
1Finocchi/ChurchGabe Finocchi & Taylor Church2991.0000.0000.0091.0000.0000.00
2True Anomalies!Kyle Ackermann & Trevor Clements1650.8300.0000.0061.0000.0000.00
3Boys Just Wanna Have FunZack Duffy & Buddy Hammon216130.8100.0010.06150.9400.0000.00
4ChoachDavid Gonzales & Austin Parks1540.8000.0000.0040.8000.0010.20
5Cisek/ShowalterTyler Cisek & PJ Showalter9121930.7700.0010.011090.9040.0370.06
6Long Tan Handsome and AddisonAddison Powers & Gabe Finocchi445340.7600.0030.07380.8430.0710.02
7Flexual HealingJarratt Rouse & Travis Core228210.7500.0010.04220.7910.0440.14
8The Klondike BarsCaleb Jarrett & Chandler Hertzler215110.7300.0010.07130.8710.0700.00
9Jenki/PiersonOlivia Jenki & Katie Pierson218130.7200.0000.00170.9410.0600.00
10Ultra Sexy BaddiesGrant Laughlin & Addison Powers339280.7200.0010.03340.8720.0520.05
11Red FlagRyan Marino & Emerson Dean235250.7100.0030.09270.7730.0920.06
12Hilltop SpikesCole Model & Max Model798700.7100.0010.01880.9070.0720.02
13Kinda CalculatedDan Abrams & Ryan Marino466470.7110.0200.00560.8570.1120.03
14Spicy RubiDaniel McPartland & Anthony Rentsch324170.7100.0000.00190.7940.1710.04
15ParallaxKyle Ackermann & Ryan Gross454380.7000.0010.02510.9410.0210.02
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