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Team Stats

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NamePlayersG# of Games
# of Games
TSVTotal Serves
Serves Made + Double Faults
Serves where the receiving team has 1 or 0 touches, resulting in a point for the serving team
A%Ace %
Aces / Total Serves
SVOServes On
Serves successfully played onto the net or played by the receiving team, regardless of 1st or 2nd serve
DFDouble Faults
Unsuccessful serves (each double fault is considered one missed serve)
SVO%Serve on %
Serves Made/Total Serves
FWRForced Weak Receives
Serves that forced a Weak Receive
FWR%Forced Weak Receive %
Forced Weak Receives / Total Serves
149Okie DokieEmily Ashworth & Bekah Smith22200.002110.9500.00
148The ManimalsMalachi Espinola & Jake Howhannesian360100.1745150.7500.00
147Mid TierJeremiah Porter & Andrew Christmas23510.0324110.6900.00
146RiotRahul Murthy & Dax O'Hair36820.0337310.5400.00
145Gold RushConnor Francis & Zack Duffy35240.0836160.6900.00
144Under/overratedAJ Hutchinson & Andrew Christmas23630.0822140.6100.00
143 The 717Joel Graham & Caleb Heck12000.001370.6500.00
142Ol' DogsDavid Louis & Brad Thompson47610.0162140.8200.00
141Boles/ColemanSkyler Boles & Jenna Coleman22900.002630.9000.00
140Hornacek/HaseltonChris Hornacek & Julie Haselton22920.072270.7600.00
139Who CaresKyle Walsh & Josiah Dombach23110.032560.8100.00
138Filthy CasualsAndrew Christmas & Grayson Wills25110.0227240.5300.00
137It's Jager TimeGrant Laughlin & Dylan Keen511780.0788290.7500.00
136Spikeyu!AJ Hutchinson & Luis Orozco22800.0018100.6400.00
135Ultra Sexy BaddiesGrant Laughlin & Addison Powers35290.1739130.7500.00
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