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Team Stats

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NamePlayersG# of Games
# of Games
TSVTotal Serves
Serves Made + Double Faults
Serves where the receiving team has 1 or 0 touches, resulting in a point for the serving team
A%Ace %
Aces / Total Serves
SVOServes On
Serves successfully played onto the net or played by the receiving team, regardless of 1st or 2nd serve
DFDouble Faults
Unsuccessful serves (each double fault is considered one missed serve)
SVO%Serve on %
Serves Made/Total Serves
FWRForced Weak Receives
Serves that forced a Weak Receive
FWR%Forced Weak Receive %
Forced Weak Receives / Total Serves
1Double ClutchRahul Murthy & Fredric Hinkle26524990.193751490.72460.09
2Ritto BoysColeman Epperson & Ryder Rivadeneyra254751030.223001750.63230.05
3Assistive TouchClark Marshall & Buddy Hammon16309260.08267420.86110.04
4Sloppy SecondsTravis Core & Gabe Finnochi17342670.202331090.68200.06
5Outside SmokeGrant Laughlin & Noah Luskus15285530.19208770.73170.06
6Graham/RogersBecca Graham & Alli Rogers1222570.03166590.74260.12
7Nolan RyanMatt Cole & Caleb Cummings10208170.08158500.7650.02
8LowkeyDawson Morgan & Taylor Church10193400.21153400.79150.08
9BoysterousPreston Bies & Caleb Heck11198230.12147510.74180.09
10Ryan/WillWill Picone & Ryan Fitzgerald9179100.06143360.8090.05
11Dantowitz|KaplanJosh Kaplin & Ben Dantowitz8160150.09132280.8290.06
12Cisek/ShowalterTyler Cisek & PJ Showalter9184280.15126580.68170.09
13Kaiba CorpNick Noguez & Bradley Thompson8157140.09120370.76100.06
14Highly CalculatedDan Abrams & Ravi Kandula8159250.16119400.7560.04
15Hilltop SpikesCole Model & Max Model7142110.08118240.83160.11
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