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Team Stats

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NamePlayersG# of Games
# of Games
TSTTotal Sets
Strong Sets + Weak Sets + Normal Sets + Missed Sets + Setting Errors
STPMSetting Plus Minus
((Strong Sets - Weak Sets - Setting Errors) * Partner Put Away %)/Total Games; But if weak sets > strong sets, then: ((Strong Sets - Weak Sets - Setting Errors) * (1 - Partner Put Away %))/Total Games
SSTStrong Sets
An amazing set that salvaged a point a team was not expected to keep alive
SST%Strong Set %
Strong Sets / Total Sets
WSTWeak Sets
A poor set that missed the net or forced a bad hit
WST%Weak Set %
Weak Sets / Total Sets
NSTNormal Sets
A set that did not receive a strong or weak designation
NST%Normal Set %
Normal Sets / Total Sets
MSTNEMissed Sets (Non Errors)
Missed sets that are not setting errors
MSTNE%Missed Set (Non Errors) %
Missed Sets (non errors) / Total Sets
STESetting Errors
A set causing a direct loss of point (i.e. set is carried)
STE%Setting Error %
Setting Errors / Total Sets
1Magnolia SquaredAlli Jennerich & Brandon Lindvall245-1.8110.0260.13350.7820.0410.02
2718 MilesKenya Medina & Sarah Allen385-1.4230.0490.11620.73100.1210.01
3Becca/AnneliseAnnelise Rohrer & Becca Graham5113-1.2140.04130.12890.7970.0600.00
4CelebrationAllison Jennerich & Julia Brochu250-1.6800.0070.14400.8030.0600.00
5Shrock/FosterKrista Shrock & Allie Foster247-1.5610.0260.13400.8500.0000.00
6A Playa Named GusShannon Tubbesing & Shachi Patel239-1.3900.0040.10350.9000.0000.00
7Showalter/PiersonAshley Showalter & Katie Pierson250-0.7220.0450.10430.8600.0000.00
8El Gonzales/SingerDavid Gonzales & Artie Singer225-1.3300.0040.16170.6840.1600.00
9TrioAlli Rogers & Ashley Showalter6140-1.4400.00110.081190.8570.0530.02
10Mid TierJeremiah Porter & Andrew Christmas242-0.5120.0540.10350.8310.0200.00
11Spikeyu!AJ Hutchinson & Luis Orozco221-0.4210.0520.10140.6740.1900.00
12Mighty IcyMey Helm & Katie Parker389-1.2610.0160.07710.80100.1110.01
13Volley LlamasWill Picone & Joe Bondi571-0.4220.0370.10580.8240.0600.00
14SLO & COJoelle Nguyen & Heidi Haze473-1.0800.0090.12610.8420.0310.01
15Chico SpikesShaun Boyer & Skyler Boles357-0.1340.0740.07480.8400.0010.02
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