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Team Stats

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NamePlayersG# of Games
# of Games
TDTTotal Defensive Touches
Defensive Touches Not Returned + Defensive Touches Returned
ADTAdjusted Defensive Touches per Game
(Defensive Touches Returned + 1/2 * Defensive Touches Not Returned) / # of games
DTRDefensive Touches Returned
A defensive touch that is returned to the net
DTNRDefensive Touches Not Returned
A defensive touch that is not returned to the net
SDTStrong Defensive Touches
An amazing defensive touch that would not require a strong set to win the point or salvaged a point that was not expected to be kept alive
SDT%Strong Defensive Touch %
Strong Defensive Touches / Total Defensive Touches
WDTWeak Defensive Touches
A poor defensive touch off of a hit that was expected to returned
WDT%Weak Defensive Touch %
Weak Defensive Touches / Total Defensive Touches
DTEDefensive Touch Errors
A defensive touch that directly lost a point a team was expected to win
DTE%Defensive Touch Error %
Defensive Touch Errors / Total Defensive Touches
1CelebrationAllison Jennerich & Julia Brochu23213.00201200.0000.0000.00
2718 MilesKenya Medina & Sarah Allen35012.17232700.0010.0200.00
3Quack AttackKen Pflaum & Noah Saddik11310.508520.1510.0800.00
4Showalter/PiersonAshley Showalter & Katie Pierson22510.2516920.0810.0400.00
5Mighty IcyMey Helm & Katie Parker34010.00202000.0000.0000.00
6SpinnetouJulian Krehle & Yannick Peter2239.00131000.0000.0000.00
7 The 717Joel Graham & Caleb Heck1119.007400.0000.0000.00
8(Bill/Tim) Splash LagoonMax Billinghurst & Ian Timan3359.00191600.0010.0300.00
9A Playa Named GusShannon Tubbesing & Shachi Patel2218.5013800.0000.0000.00
10Lee and BushiAustin Rawlings & Ben Burnett2218.2512920.1000.0000.00
11Shrock/FosterKrista Shrock & Allie Foster2218.2512900.0000.0000.00
12Side KickRyan Gross & Gabe Finocchi1108.006400.0000.0000.00
13K2Katie Pierson & Karah Hui2227.7591310.0500.0000.00
14Hornacek/HaseltonChris Hornacek & Julie Haselton2207.7511920.1000.0000.00
15Becca/AnneliseAnnelise Rohrer & Becca Graham5507.70272300.0000.0000.00
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