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Player Stats

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NameG# of Games
# of Games
TSVTotal Serves
Serves Made + Double Faults
Serves where the receiving team has 1 or 0 touches, resulting in a point for the serving team
A%Ace %
Aces / Total Serves
SVOServes On
Serves successfully played onto the net or played by the receiving team, regardless of 1st or 2nd serve
DFDouble Faults
Unsuccessful serves (each double fault is considered one missed serve)
SVO%Serve on %
Serves Made/Total Serves
FWRForced Weak Receives
Serves that forced a Weak Receive
FWR%Forced Weak Receive %
Forced Weak Receives / Total Serves
1Logan Cornelius1420.50401.0000.00
2Trevor Clements11150.45920.8210.09
3Nate Parks225100.4015100.6020.08
4Julia Brochu21650.311420.8800.00
5Thomas Hamilton11118340.2978400.6690.08
6Sam Bunze 1720.29340.4300.00
7Grant Klapwijk22570.281870.7210.04
8Blake Bosak665180.2853120.8230.05
9Ryder Rivadeneyra25263690.26167960.63130.05
10Yvo Heinen339100.263180.7910.03
11Mario B├╝rkle658140.2445130.7830.05
12Caleb Jarrett22150.241740.8100.00
13Gabe Finnochi29292690.24196960.67180.06
14Sam Bunze 21740.247100.4110.06
15Justin Plett33070.232280.7360.20
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