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Player Stats

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NameG# of Games
# of Games
TSVTotal Serves
Serves Made + Double Faults
Serves where the receiving team has 1 or 0 touches, resulting in a point for the serving team
A%Ace %
Aces / Total Serves
SVOServes On
Serves successfully played onto the net or played by the receiving team, regardless of 1st or 2nd serve
DFDouble Faults
Unsuccessful serves (each double fault is considered one missed serve)
SVO%Serve on %
Serves Made/Total Serves
FWRForced Weak Receives
Serves that forced a Weak Receive
FWR%Forced Weak Receive %
Forced Weak Receives / Total Serves
183Konor Prelich11020.20910.9020.20
182Robin Florinda1910.11810.8900.00
181Noah Saddik1910.11810.8900.00
180Nate Kolk1610.17420.6700.00
179Zachary Davidson1600.00330.5000.00
178Sam Bunze 1720.29340.4300.00
177Austin Parks1800.00530.6210.12
176Barak Levy1600.00420.6700.00
175Dorian Ameziane1920.22630.6700.00
174Trevor Clements11150.45920.8210.09
173Ken Pflaum1710.14610.8600.00
172Lucas Banks11020.20820.8000.00
171Artie Singer21320.15760.5410.08
170Josiah Dombach21400.001040.7100.00
169Anastasia Novy21610.061150.6900.00
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